Meet the designer

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would take me into her bedroom and let me play with all her jewels from around the world. I would admire their sparkling colors and could not wait to be old enough to wear them. At 11 years old, I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease and hospitalized for 5 weeks. To help me through this difficult time, my father bought me beads and I started making bracelets for the nurses. Through the years my love of beautiful gems continued to grow and I always knew I wanted to share their beauty with others. In 2004 Faye Daniel Designs was established. Inspired by the memory of two extraordinary people in my life, my late husband Daniel, and my grandmother, Faye. Their name’s encompass everything soft and gentle and strong and confident. Being in the business of love, it’s so exciting for me to bring a bride's vision of her special day to radiant life. Let me help you discover and design something beautiful for your wedding: unique and precious - like you and your beloved." Randie McConnell